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Check out V3.4 of the RAD technical specification for more detail on technical requirements and to see examples of RAD metadata tags and network communication.

2017 pilot

RAD was piloted in 2017 with a cross-departmental team at NPR. More information on this pilot is available at the NPR One Dev Center. The pilot ran for about six weeks in the NPR One iOS application. Listening events were sent to an analytics server for select podcast episodes that were hand-coded with V1 RAD tags. This pilot provided a successful proof of concept that encouraged NPR to pursue further development with other podcasting stakeholders.

Open source RAD SDK

The 2018 release of open source libraries to support RAD implementation is the culmination of the 2017 NPR pilot, various working groups, discussions, shared feedback and ongoing conversations. Please view the frameworks, comments and contribute.

Check out a demo application

Tag editing tool

If you want to test your framework’s integration or if you’re ready to add RAD tags to your audio files, NPR created a web-based tool to create custom RAD tags. This editor was built in 2018 by NPR and if you have questions or feature requests, please reach out to the team at remoteaudiodata@npr.org.

How to contribute

We welcome comments and contributions to this project. Please review our Code of Conduct files and check out the project’s contribution guidelines on GitHub.